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The pioneering utility token dedicated to safeguarding the Arctic. Our mission is to unite the world in the fight against global warming and to protect the Arctic’s unique ecosystem. Every token contributes to a cooler planet.

The Arctic & Global Warming

The Arctic is at the forefront of climate change, warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. This isn't just a theoretical debate; it's a harsh reality for the indigenous people and wildlife that depend on this fragile ecosystem. As the ice melts and the ocean absorbs more heat, the urgency to act intensifies.

The Threat of Arctic Oil Drilling

Despite the critical state of the Arctic, major corporations like Shell and Exxon are pushing for oil exploration, risking catastrophic damage. While temporary protections were set in place, the Arctic Ocean’s future remains uncertain. We advocate for a permanent ban on Arctic oil drilling.

ARCT is the ultimate utility token designed to preserve the Arctic, contributing to environmental conservation efforts. Harnessing the power of Bitcoin’s blockchain and the innovative BRC-20 standard, ARCT emerges as a beacon of hope

Funding Conservation Projects

The primary use of ARCT would be to directly fund projects aimed at preserving the Arctic environment. This would include research on climate change, initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, and projects to protect native wildlife and ecosystems.

Tokenomics for Environmental Impact

The economic structure of the token could be such that a 3% of every transaction (buying, selling, or trading the token) could be allocated to a fund dedicated to Arctic conservation efforts.

Awareness and Community Building

The existence of ARCT could raise awareness about the challenges facing the Arctic. The community around the token could be engaged in environmental issues, leading to a more informed and active base of supporters for Arctic preservation.

Incentivizing Positive Environmental Practices

Bitcoin’s strong brand recognition can lend credibility and visibility to a utility token deployed on its blockchain.

In summary ARCT could potentially contribute to saving the planet by directly funding Arctic conservation projects, raising awareness, incentivizing positive environmental actions, providing transparent and global means for participation, and supporting relevant research and development.

Blockchain Transparency

Utilizing blockchain technology, transactions and funding allocations would be transparent and traceable. This transparency would increase trust among investors and the public, ensuring that the funds are being used effectively for their intended purpose.

Global Participation

Since cryptocurrencies are not bound by national borders, ARCT would enable global participation in Arctic preservation. People from all over the world could contribute to the cause, fostering a sense of global responsibility for environmental issues

Research and Development Funding

Part of the funds raised through ARCT could be allocated to research and development of new technologies or methods to mitigate the effects of climate change on the Arctic.

ARCT features


Limited to 1,000,000,003,757 ARCT tokens, ensuring value preservation.


Each ARCT token can be split into 18 decimal points for precise transactions.


ARCT transcends borders, facilitating global trade and payments.

Store of Value

More than a currency, ARCT is an investment in our planet's future.


Unconstrained by borders, offering worldwide exchange opportunities.


Resilient and secure on the Bitcoin Blockchain.


Blockchain technology guarantees the authenticity of each ARCT token.

Affordable and Accessible

Unlike the often expensive Bitcoin, ARCT is within reach for everyone, promoting inclusive participation in Arctic preservation.

ICO Conversion rate

1 ARCT Token = 0.01 SAT

Buy and Trade ARCT Today

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Together, we can protect the Arctic. Every token counts towards a cooler, more sustainable Earth. Be part of this vital mission with ARCT.

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